Casting Call!  Meet Charles "Chuck" Manly, the most eligible bachelor in all of Telara! He is smart, rich, sexy and looking for love! Could you be the woman to steal his heart away?!

Info (OOC):

We are hosting a fun, relaxed Role Play event in theme with the Valentine's holiday!  If you would like to have your toon join in the fun as a bachelorette, or have questions, please send a message on FBU to Vieye or in game at Vieye@Faeblight!

More info such as dates, times, and additional prizes to be announced!

We will have events planned such as group dates, one on one dates, competitions, and of course, elimination ceremonies!

Also, if you wish to have your dimension featured during the event, please message me the info!


Of course there are prizes!  The woman who wins Chuck Manly's heart will be awarded with REX, and perhaps more, depending on the number of contestants!

In addition to the winner's prize, each contestant will be entered into a drawing for a REX! So roll an alt or grab your main, because casting spots are limited!

~ He knows if you been bad or good, he spends the entire year making sure that beard is on fleek, to make lady dwarves jealous he can grow a beard and they cannot, he gets coal made for all those who been bad, or invaded Telara. Crucia and Anhket are getting nothing this year. Know who I am talking about yet? Everyone's favorite present tossing bogling of course! Grandfather Fae Yule! How does this bogling do it all? Or does he order it all off Amazon and have it sent to his summer home in Ember Isle? You show us! ~

~ Grandfather has live somewhere right? Has to have a workshop? What is he doing the rest of the year? You have the options of either making Grandfather Fae Yule's workshop, or his home, both, or even his summer home where he hides when he does not have bahmi crushing his lap. Where does this bogling live and work from? Your the interior designer for this bearded bogling ~

~ Dates changed (was surprised with an out of the country vacation) and because I know people will be busy during the holidays. New dates are: Dims are closed til January 31st 2018 11:59pm PDT, dimensions should be open by February 1st 2018 12:00amPDT~

Prizes (Thanks to Trion) n Miss Kelari Cuddles
1st Place - 30 Day Patron Pass / Spectral Carriage Mount/ Hootie Pet / Dimension Cache
2nd Place - 30 Day Patron Pass / Spectral Carriage Mount/ Dimension Cache
3rd Place - 30 Day Patron Pass/ Spectral Carriage Mount

To enter and for more details follow this link:


 (sponsored by Miss Kelari Cuddles)

Autumn offers the Faeblight community more opportunities and challenges as ever. 

Based on tips from upcoming patches it appears that we will be getting community creator codes for brand spanking new mounts/pets. In light of that, I'm starting up early contests for the very FIRST batch of these codes! 

Your first opportunity to win are two random drawings for our active site users! See details on how to enter here

On October 30th we will also make the announcement of the contest theme to kick off our annual NANOWRIMO challenge. Ideal entries will be about 1000-2000 words. Longer stories do not have an advantage over a shorter story, but no matter what length you choose, overall skill in telling a "complete" story and pacing will make higher marks from the judges. 
Prizes for the NANOWRIMO will include REX, and Community promotional codes. 

Dimension Contest Announcement! 
"Out Your Tree" dim building contest, sponsored by Kuula and <Gone Fishin'>
You can read all details on the official dimension forums HERE 

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