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Dimension Contest Announcement! 
"Out Your Tree" dim building contest, sponsored by Kuula and <Gone Fishin'>
You can read all details on the official dimension forums HERE 

Who wants another shot at a Tusker mount code in April? 
Here is how we're giving them away this month:

1. By random drawing that anyone can enter with a short forum post here

2. All Roleplaying guilds with a recruitment add on FBU will be forwarded TWO codes to the respective leadership to distribute any way they see fit via in guild events, contests or in recognition of outstanding contribution to your communities. Thanks for keeping Faeblight great, Rp Leaders!

3. At complete random in public RP! Both "open world" and public shard events. If you're seen RPing in public? You may just be rewarded for it!

4. A Writer's challenge here on the FBU forum- "People Watching"

~Writer's Challenge- King's Contest of Brevity! Enter this ultimate challenge of wordsmithing for a shot at one of three Exclusive Parade Tusker mounts!

~Dimensioneer's Challenge- Think Outside the Box! Enter this challenge of builders' skill and improvisation for yet another shot at one of three Parade Tusker mounts!

~Faeblight United Event Calendar - Don't forget to head over to our scheduled events page to get into the RP! As added incentive in the pursuit of a love of roleplaying on faeblight, we will be randoming out Parade Tusker codes to those that plan and host RP events on FBU, as well as several random lotteries to those in attendance at these events! 

So you all enjoyed the FBU Giveaways for Febuary? 
Fantastic! Because I have even MORE giveaways for March! 

We will be kicking off the month starting with a very unique dimension contest being brought to us by Shiv of Council of Ages, (check back soon!)

We will also have a writers challenge for the month, and FBU sponsored drawings at calendered RP events planned and administered by our community leaders, so we will offer MANY ways to win for march! 

But what are we giving away? If not the recently retired racing snails? 
So glad you asked!

The 6th Anniversary Parade Tusker is a 155% *Amphibious* account wide mount, good for loves, wrinkly cuddles and peanut disposal. 

I have an inkling that says we have some fantastic dimensioneer talent lingering on this board. 

This month's snail codes say-


Contest details here!

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