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A place to introduce the player behind the characters!
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By Qalexia Jul 26, 17
Website and Community News, Announcements, Suggestions, and Comments.
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By Sygiua May 5, 17
An area for FBU directly sponsored events. Anything from server wide arcs to ooc contests to hosted parties by the FBU staff.
41 225
By KelariCuddlesNalyvia Aug 25, 17
Trion appreciates its rp'ers!
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By KelariCuddlesNalyvia May 14, 17
The general chatter location with jokes, music and so on. Come hang out!
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By Relas Aryon Jul 7, 17
A place for helpful guides of any kind!
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By Duskwren a Mar 12, 17
A place for fun screenshots!
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By Ada and Friends Feb 6, 17
RP Networking
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This forum is the place to announce upcoming role play as well as shard events.
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By Zrin Aug 6, 17
Place information on ongoing story arcs here that are open to participation from all of Faeblight!
54 489
By Night'Xeme Sep 4, 17
Need to advertise contracts, bounties, or looking for RP participation? This is the place to do it.
102 453
By Night'Xeme Jun 7, 17
A place to discuss RP ideas, potential events, gameplay and lore.
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By Sygiua Jun 2, 17
The Writing Desk
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Enjoy your Rift forum rp here!
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By Vhaun/Reynor o Aug 22, 17
Post rumors here!
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By Zrin Feb 18, 17
Character profiles. Peek into the details behind the characters on Rift!
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By Narikia Aug 25, 17
Character journals from the character's perspective or insightful biographies from third person.
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By Zrin 10 hours ago
Character Exercises
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By Ceridwen Jul 6, 17
Love to write? We love to read. Share your Rift related stories here.
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By Dravyn The Gray Aug 10, 17
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The Active Guilds of Faeblight
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By Narikia Aug 28, 17
Where Guilds Can Recruit, both IC and OOC
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By Sygiua Aug 21, 17
The perfect place to share the full story of your guild.
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By KelariCuddlesNalyvia Nov 18, 16
Architect's Symposium (Dimensions)
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Share the IC background of your dimension here!
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By Vieye a Sep 5, 17
IC defenses of your dimension go here for quick reference!
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By Yengne Oct 6, 15
Share your role play dimensions and questions or comments on dimensions, events, building tips, etc.
107 423
By Night'Xeme Jun 27, 17
Active and unique dimensions for RP, and who to contact to further engage in rp of the dimension!
20 32
By Clemmykins Jun 13, 17
Looking for a specific type of Dimension for rp, don't have the time/place/resources to build your own? Inquire here to see if someone else has already built one for you to use!
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By Vieye a Oct 14, 16
Other Game Worlds
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Resources for rp across all formats
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By Margot May 6, 16
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